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On The Run (Bonus)文本歌词

On The Run (Bonus)LRC歌词

Joe Budden - Family Reunion (Bonus Remix)
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
@ www.9ku.com @
Ain't nobody tryna rap or play me
I'll be at they crib wit a couple hammers and a black OAV
Black gon pay me still get the smack>
[ti:Family Reunion (Bonus Remix)]
[ar:Joe Budden]
[al:Padded Room]
[by: ]
[00:02.00]Joe Budden - Family Reunion (Bonus Remix)
[00:07.00]LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
[00:12.00]@ www.9ku.com @
[00:19.44]Ain't nobody tryna rap or play me
[00:22.22]I'll be at they crib wit a couple hammers and a black OAV
[00:25.22]Black gon pay me still get the smack on Baisly
[00:27.70]Cause I'm touchin more diesel than Shaq old lady boy
[00:30.35]You did it I done it I get I punish
[00:32.86]The shit that I come wit'll separate a rib from a stomach
[00:35.26]I'm the boss when I spit it you love matta fact I'm a Viking
[00:38.19]I need a whole village to plumage yea
[00:40.55]The nigga is here the city is scared
[00:43.17]You got the throne then I think I need to sit in ya chair
[00:45.52]We could really get physical here and the sky's the limit nigga
[00:49.25]I'll put the whole clique in the air baby
[00:51.08]So quit playin fore the clip spray em
[00:53.28]And have his ass M.I.A. like Nick Saban
[00:55.89]His whole shit caved in my whole clique cave men
[00:58.40]Hardbody nigga my whole shit pavement
[01:00.90]You can't spit if you dead in the ground
[01:03.45]In the woods where ya head'll be found
[01:05.22]And its good that you getting it now in the prescient confessin it now
[01:08.91]I can't fuck wit the rest of you clowns faggot
[01:11.41]I am the silence before the storm Lincoln Park to Audubon
[01:13.99]Slang rock on the same block that the water on
[01:16.58]I be more than gone run and get your order form
[01:19.11]Next time I record a song gon put my daughter on
[01:21.46]Cause she realla than most niggas I tote trigga
[01:24.15]For you broke nigga and gold diggas wit no figga
[01:26.33]That's why I palm the heater for all you non believers
[01:29.27]I'm on ya ass like white on rice on Condoleezza
[01:31.74]Betta con the preacher you tryna get on a feature
[01:34.35]Betta get ya casket bastard I'm gon eat cha
[01:36.65]We ain't in the same weight class ya fake ass
[01:39.38]Couldn't stop a nigga wit brake pads I'm way pass
[01:41.82]Anything that you ever did I'm betta kid
[01:44.48]And we never sweat a bid it's easy to get a sig
[01:47.09]In the bing I'm like Ving Rhames I bring pain
[01:49.59]I sling cane off the wing like I'm King James
[01:52.11]Yall doubtin who when I spit the whole lead
[01:54.87]They be callin code read like Mountain Dew
[01:57.13]Fore I count to 2 you can get cha back blown
[01:59.87]Cause ya gimmicks out of minutes like a track phone
[02:02.38]Get back holmes im back on my shit
[02:04.91]I don't mangle I'm like Pringles stackin my chips
[02:07.35]Clappin my fifth you the test me types
[02:09.81]Comin out wit a blade and get Wesley Sniped
[02:12.14]So the cops could arrest me right it's not happenin
[02:14.90]You ain't never gon get on so stop rappin
[02:17.82]H2O comin this summer so stop askin
[02:20.12]All heat like wall street ya stock crashin
[02:22.58]Now the fed wanna read his rights
[02:25.30]Lord have mercy Jesus Christ I got passion
[02:27.73]Im blackin all my niggas getting this fetti
[02:30.65]We in the chevy and ready to pop tags in
[02:32.87]So whatever you tryna do lil niggas I already done
[02:37.97]And since you wanna live by it lil nigga then die by the gun
[02:43.20]See whatever you tryna do lil niggas I already done
[02:48.24]So how the fuck you gon win lil nigga when I already won
[02:53.11]Ayo money is the root of evil I thought
[02:55.86]But when I'm broke is when I usually have the evilest thoughts
[02:58.40]That's when the arms come out like sleeves when it's short
[03:00.89]Wit more bullets than ya favorite wide receiver has caught
[03:03.46]And that Randy Mossberg ya Steve Smith and Wesson ya
[03:06.24]The shoes pop up like instant messenger
[03:08.78]You've got mail nah nigga you got shells
[03:11.38]And my mac you can't use for iChat
[03:13.91]A guy that confused that will lie flat
[03:16.34]And my gat is on leg like thigh tap
[03:18.95]I that nigga who you dudes
[03:21.39]Some broke niggas who tryna get some youtube views
[03:23.78]Unless you wanna point blank boy ya too close
[03:26.53]Bails in pocket this is Lawyer Lou Los
[03:28.92]I'm pretty sure more hotties see me in that 4 door roddie
[03:31.66]Double pipes like a sawed off shotty
[03:34.30]I flow sickly ridin bumpin old biggie
[03:36.74]Roll wit me or lose wait Nicole Richie
[03:39.55]Fuck plat if I don't reach diamond fame
[03:41.99]Ill treat a nigga face like that old simon game
[03:44.37]I figured out why men try us cause we o-d on rims and thin tires
[03:48.41]For that we Len Bias
[03:49.71]All it takes a punch he ain't brave he a punk
[03:52.16]I'll put his family in boxes meet the Brady Bunch
[03:54.48]How yall feel yall selves Shaquille yall selves
[03:57.06]Us cowboys don't need you you Bill Parcell
[03:59.64]And you ain't gotta empty ya pockets when the K's out
[04:02.19]Whatever you holdin is mine you my Paypal
[04:04.74]See I don't get how this guy is a treat
[04:07.42]I'll make his life a net por pie to the neck
[04:08.61]Ride or die or do both nigga ride to the death
[04:10.82]I'll acapella the whole left side of his chest
[04:14.27]Not retiring still got that pension pendin
[04:17.44]Tryna pop the hood and see the engine messin
[04:19.94]Double barrel shotgun how ya men get missin
[04:22.58]She got pretty brown eyes and she in mint condition
[04:25.16]Or the sig in the car you dissin muah
[04:27.61]Get the ratchet go home and just Chris Benoit
[04:29.96]I tell a bird like it is you promise the broad
[04:32.84]I one line her you Isaiah Thomas the broad
[04:35.39]I can send a clip cartridge at a nemesis target
[04:37.82]And catch a R.O.R. on some Jena 6 charges
[04:40.50]Nah I put the thing away
[04:42.25]I don't even need a whole handle to flip em all it takes is one finger wave
[04:45.87]But in the bing for days show you how I'm real
[04:48.34]Come home to the truck with the Optimus Prim grille
[04:50.58]Handin out crack got the scene poppin off
[04:53.19]They not sleepin on em the fiends is noddin off
[04:55.67]For real tell me how you a thug and you Superman (Nigga)
[04:58.31]I just seen you in the club doing the Superman (I Said Nigga!)
[05:01.08]A bunch of clowns holmes all
[05:03.17]I need in this world is the pound chrome Huxtable brownstone
[05:06.25]Major paper cake by the layers
[05:08.59]If these dudes is live I'm the created player
[05:11.09]They callin em kings when they so so hot
[05:13.66]Somethings wrong wit that picture must be photoshopped
[05:16.18]I don't promote violence but when sparking the flame Blam
[05:18.74]Arms start waving like the Carlton Banks dance
[05:21.33]When them tools go pop it move whole blocks
[05:23.88]Come around wit cha dog or get Kujo shot
[05:26.03]These emcee's is lame I tryta be an emcee wit brains
[05:29.20]These niggas is M.C. Brain
[05:31.62]Yeah nice rapper just far from bein nice
[05:34.21]Im on the rooftop recordin and niggas is bein sniped
[05:36.57]That's light
[05:37.39]So whatever you tryna do lil niggas I already done
[05:41.94]And since you wanna live by it lil nigga then die by the gun
[05:46.74]See whatever you tryna do lil nigga I already done

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