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Healthy Habits That Can Extend Life A Decade

Everyone knows that not smoking, playing sports, taking care of food, not spending alcohol and avoiding overweight are healthy habits. But they think that it is merely a recommendation to be healthy but that it does not affect longevity, however, that a person who smokes can live as much as one who does not burn, that’s why an investigation is needed to prove this.

Although the United States is the country that invests the most in health in the world and spends more on health, not only in their country but also travel to other countries like Mexico for their dental health with expert dentists such as Dental Integral  or others move even further to China for its famous acupuncture, but the United States ranks 31st on the list of those with the best life expectancy, according to the latest data from the World Health Organization. To explain this reality, researchers believe that the habits of life of each citizen influence. Obesity in the US is much higher than in other developed countries. American women started smoking decades ago, earlier than in other countries, the study’s author says.

In the data collection phase of the more than 120,000 people involved, Harvard researchers counted 42,167 deaths. By analyzing in detail what life habits these people had, scientists have found substantial differences between those who lead a healthy lifestyle and those who do not. The five key factors have been chosen according to the studies of the previous decades and thanks to the own research experience of the authors, who have managed for many years information on thousands of health professionals.

Not following the factors indicated in the study can lead to severe consequences for the health of the people. The researchers point to a long list of adverse effects for each of them, such as the risk of suffering cancer or other diseases from smoking or diabetes and the cardiovascular problems associated with poor diet. That’s why they insist that if the five habits to which they point are adopted, the benefits are guaranteed. The key message is common for everyone: the healthier a person’s lifestyle is, the longer their life expectancy will be.