Common mistakes when eating

Sometimes when we talk about bad eating habits we only think that we are eating healthily, which is very important but not only ends there but also involves the way we eat, for example, the excess of food, not chewing properly, etc. .

We live in a world where we always go late and in the right time of food, in fact, many do not have to worry about feeding at all, having the error of arriving at lunch or dinner without having breakfast or having spent many hours without eating. What they do not know is that spending a lot of time without eating reduces glycaemia and these conditions increase the endogenous production of insulin, which results in an increase in appetite, and a more rapid absorption and metabolism of glucose and then the problem will get so much worse that you may will need a bariatric surgery Tijuana Mexico.

Meals away from home

When we have a lot of work and we do not like the time of cooking, it is more frequent that we want to eat or dine out of the home. But we should not see this as an opportunity to be a “gift” and modify our healthy dietary habits. Make a fried chicken or a large hamburger with French fries, although this is not easy. Search all food options. the healthiest or the least bad for your health. He will also swallow the same portion that will be eaten in the house and the food, the others will need it to carry out, many people will have fun separating the time from the portion that will be eaten and in this way avoid eating too much.

Remember to avoid eating before eating, in restaurants that sell like other things, the main course.

And finally, I remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day, a glass of water 30 minutes before starting to eat, it also helps with the digestive process and helps you to feel satisfied soon and thus you will not be filled with so much food, remember chew your food well and exercise.