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Candidates are asked for an active policy against obesity

In these times of campaign the aspiring ones to the Presidency of Mexico must present effective proposals for several problems that affect the country, and the health is one of them like controlling the epidemic of obesity and overweight that affects Mexico and to impel a law against the obesity , have requested several organizations.

It is worrisome that in the face of the presidential elections, there are still no proposals or they are not assertive to address the epidemiological emergency due to excess weight that affects more than 70% of adults and a third of children and adolescents in Mexico, denounced the Alliance for Food Health. A poor diet affects the entire body, according to dentists in Tijuana Mexico causes children’s teeth are weaker and brittle and take more complex and expensive treatments.

According to a bulletin, the consequences of not addressing the problem are serious with 106,000 deaths from diabetes in 2016 and a cost of obesity that could reach 272,000 million pesos in 2023. And in many cases it is the disinformation of the things that we must consume and those that we have to avoid or lack of money to get nutritious things.

The costs of obesity include not only expenses for medical treatment but also for work absenteeism and premature death, the organization said.

The Alliance for Food Health criticized the current National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes.

For this reason, he proposed to the candidates, in what he called an epidemiological emergency, to promote the establishment of a General Law Against Overweight and Obesity, resulting in a special program that operates with its own budget.

The proposal proposes the creation of an Intersecretarial Commission to prevent obesity, a Consultative Council and a Scientific Committee, under a regulatory framework.

The law would make it possible to strengthen fiscal measures, implement a front warning label, regulate the advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages, strengthen regulation of the supply of unhealthy foods and beverages, guarantee access to drinking water in schools and promote breastfeeding. maternal, among others.